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Character: Jake Long
Disclaimer! Contains, Graphic gay sex!, Inflation, and awesomeness ;)
All characters are property of Disney and not of my own imagination!

  Jake Long was a slim tan boy around high school aged. He always wore baggy clothes and a red leather jacket that was just tight enough to show how fit he was. But aside from his normal appearance he had a secret, one of which no one knew and that was that he was a dragon! That's right a dragon, and with the help of his friend who is a talking dog they battle evil and all that jazz but, he kept an even deeper secret even bigger than being a dragon, that was that he was gay. Jake secretly was gay and loved his men to be chubby and feed him but, one night when he and Fu Dog were pigging out he lost his since of reason and kissed him. Fu Dog stopped, then closed his eyes as he enjoyed the boy's tongue sliding down his throat as their kiss deepened so did their relationship. Over the years they began doing more together until one night, which brings us to the story of Jake's wild ride.....

   The night was warm and smelled of potential, Jake was reminded of Fu Dog and his first encounter as he anxiously waited for his lover in his grandpa's shop. Fu Dog came through the door beads gazing into Jake's dark brown eyes as he leaned in and began to kiss Jake the way he kissed him on their first night. Jake melted into the gray dog's arms as he was taken away with passion, then Fu stopped. Confused, Jake looked at him with curiosity as Fu smiled showing his teeth and whispered in his New Yorker accent that drove Jake wild " It's time babe". Jake nodded as he slowly unbuttoned his jean cargo shorts revealing his blue plaid boxers which showed the faint outline of his rock hard 8 incher that throbbed thirsting for attention. Jake bent down, pulling his boxers down revealing his smooth tan bubble butt to Fu as the dog wet his finger then plunged it into Jake's waiting hole. Jake let out a yelp then felt instant pleasure as Fu thrusted his large shaft into the boys firm, soft ass. Soon Fu began thrusting in and out all while moaning and tweaking the skater boys nipples. Though unknown to Jake, Fu took a serum that would cause him to cum in gallons, you see Fu also likes his boys with bellies but in a more sexual way ;) Soon Fu was on the edge as he howled unleashing his cum into the tan boy's body. With each thrust more cum came into Jake who was in such a feeling of euphoria he didn't even notice his thin stomach beginning to bulge and slosh around with Fu's cum. By the time Fu finished and flopped down in a sweaty blissful heap Jake's belly bulged outwards at least 4 inches and sloshed around every time he turned over. He wore a blissful smile as he rubbed his belly full of cum and  called his friend Spud. Another skater boy with who Jake felt strong feelings for and tonight Jake was gonna give him the time of his life. When Spud arrived Jake didn't bother with kissing he pulled the slightly taller teen's shorts and underwear down as he shoved his still throbbing dick into him. Jake's full belly wobbled as he humped Spud who groaned as his friend hit his G-spot. But what he didn't know was that some of the serum got transferred to Jake through Fu dog's cum, who was fast asleep on his dog bed dreaming of fattening Jake more. Soon Jake let out a moan as he came into a lustful Spud, who began to expand. Spud was alarmed but then with the feeling of 1,000 orgasms blew his load as he belly ballooned out causing his shirt to ride up exposing his now fat little belly as it grew. Jake and Spud collapsed on the ground gazing at each others bellies and kissing. Jake gave Spud a goofy smile as they planned another night of pleasure. "Who knows maybe I'll dragon up for you next time" Jake says with a wink as he hiccups causing his belly to ripple, Spud then rubs both their bellies as they drift to sleep with their big soft bellies sloshing around next to them.
Self explanatory, I am really bored and can't go to bed lol if you wanna talk fatties i am here!


United States
Hey there!
I wanted to thank you for visiting my page!
Now here is some info about me :)
I am an actor and have been in 2 movies
I'm 16
I am very fond of cartoon weight gain ( obviously)
I love to chat with people !

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